"Nature, Source of Permanent Teaching"

"I am a Peruvian artist from the Amazonian rainforest.
Through my artwork, I wish to transmit the communion existing between human, vegetable, mineral and animal kingdoms. This unicity without which nothing could get developed."

Luis Tamani

Luis Tamani

Nature is the best teacher...

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Nature has the Wisdom that we miss. Nature is our better teacher,  let's observe, understand and feel... and we will be finally the reflect of Her Beauty.

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Batch of 5 postals

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Batch of 10 postals


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Spreading Life

Thanks to your support, we want to pay tribute to our beautiful planet by collaborating with a local community called Honoria, to reforest a village in the heart of Amazoniaby donating 5% of our sales made on canvas.

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Claire, France


I received «Guardianes» today as a gift from my boyfriend and I wanted to thank you for the quality of the canvas and the care for the shipping.

I have been deeply touched by the hand drawing on the back of the canvas <3


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Pierre, Switzerland

Melodías Ancestrales

So beautiful! My wife is so grateful. She enjoyed the dedication so much. Thank you for your art !

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Greg, USA

Commissioned Portrait

Janna and I just returned from our Mexican vacation to find her portrait had arrived and we

are nothing but thrilled! You really captured the essence of her in your own beautiful way.

Your technique, choice of colors and attention to detail are top shelf!

Also, you’ve been a pleasure to work with. Great communication and very professional. I think my portrait is next.

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