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“Nature is source of everflowing inspiration”

“Nature is our best teacher.”


I am Luis Tamani, a painter from the Peruvian Amazon.


Some classify me as a visionary artist, although I am not familiar with labels.
I simply feel I am an artist.


What is to be an artist?


It may be having the ability to transcribe an emotion, a feeling, an atmosphere; it may be the inspiration to share a vision, a dream for the future, or a memory of the past…


Nature is the heart of my work. She is the Great Mother which allows us to live this magical human experience. Through my paintings, I invite you on a journey to reconnect to her ever-present mysteries.


Let’s take flight to the enchanted realms where the arcanas of the wind live in harmony with the spirits of the plants, where the opening of the heart is a living transmission from generation to regeneration. A kingdom where naturally All (or Everything) is in Harmony.


Welcome to a sacred creative space, where everything can exist…

Unidad - Luis Tamani
Luz solar - Luis Tamani
Hombre Medicina - Luis Tamani
Wiraqocha - Luis Tamani
Tita - Luis Tamani
Ofrenda - Luis Tamani
Luz Universal - Luis Tamani
Abundancia del Corazon II - Luis Tamani
Mundo Icayari - Luis Tamani
La Medicina vive en Mí - Luis Tamani
Cuando las Plantas Cantan - Luis Tamani
Libre - Luis Tamani
Raíces - Luis Tamani
Guardianes - Luis Tamani
Dounia - Luis Tamani
Creación - Luis Tamani
Melodias Ancestrales - Luis Tamani
Alegría de Vivir - Luis Tamani
Renacer II - Luis Tamani
Renacer - Luis Tamani
Flor de Tabacco II - Luis Tamani
Sabia Natura - Luis Tamani
Agua Viva - Luis Tamani
Origen - Luis Tamani
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What can you find on this site?

This site is my gallery which brings together more than ten years of artistic development.

Some original works are available, and most paintings are available as high-quality postcards, print on paper or canvas print.