A source of inspiration and fascination since the dawn of time, the most ancient folks have always recognized animals for the wisdom and strength they teach us. Unaware of the "rout" of the over-thinking and controlling mind, their always right attitude is an endless inspiration for us... Read more


Animals merging with the human and vegetable kingdoms erase the conceptual limits of this reality. Is it a vision or a truth to feel the spirit of the eagle that guides us and offers us its clairvoyance?


"I try to find different levels of communication through my artworks. I compose with animals, I use mostly animals from the Amazon, this land that has inspired me so much since childhood.

The power that these animals show by their simple presence is what inspires me and what I try to convey through colours and textures. From the begginning of time, man had a very special contact with animals. In the world of healing (NB: Luis voluntarily uses the word « curanderismo » and not « chamanismo » when referring to the traditional medicine of his ancestors), in the rainforest, we connect to the spirit of a protective animal (known as "Arcana" - Animal Totem in other cultures).


Keeping it in mind, I represent these animals to become messengers of their own medicine. "Luis Tamani.

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