Luis Tamani

1983. Pucallpa, Peru. Luis arrives on Earth. He grows up, on the Ucayali river’s side, with the rhythm of the seasons and the experiences that Life brings him. He spends his childhood amazed by the beauty of Nature, by its sensitivity and perfection.

Ucayali river on sunset

Since he was very young, Luis used to get up at dawn to accompany his father to the river. He was a boat builder, a dugout canoe builder to be exact. That's what inspired him in his early work, boats. And what a performance to arrange the wood so perfectly that just little bit of tar is enough to make the pirogue unsinkable.

Yarinacocha fishing port

In 2002, Luis entered the Eduardo Meza Saravia School of Art in his hometown, Pucallpa. For five years, he receives a very academic training. At the end of this cycle, Luis dedicates his plastic research to abstract art, merging forms and textures.

2009, Abstract

It is when he connects to the Sacred Medicine of his ancestors that he begins to paint his own visions, in a magical and multidimensional style.

2010, Conocimiento Ancestral - Ancestral Knowledge
First Visionnary painting

Today, through his art, Luis transmits a message of communion between the human being and the earth. Whether it is through the four elements, stones, plants, trees or animals, nature offers us an unlimited teaching. Luis has always been fascinated by the deep relationship that human being can develop with all these worlds, all this makes Human a unique Being, full of wonderful abilities.

Luis transmits his visions and perceptions with the clear intention to spread his Love and Gratitude for Life and for the Earth that makes this experience possible.

Soy Luz - R.jpg

2020, Soy Luz - I am Light

Main Artistic Events

Before 2014

2002-2007: Art School Eduardo Meza Saravia. – Pucallpa, Peru

2011-2012: Exhibitions and meetings on traditionnal Medicine - Iquitos, Peru.

September 2013: Exhibition at the Visionnary Art Gallery – Paris, France.



August 2014: Boom Festival - Portugal.

September 2014: Festival for Peace - Victoriaville, Quebec, Canada.

September 2014: World Ayahuasca Conference – Ibiza, Spain.

October 2014: Chimeria - Sedan, France.


February 2015: Festival Tribal Gathering - Panama

February 2015: Ammon-Ra Gallery - Monterrey, Mexico (collective Dreams & Divinities)

March 2015: Dreams & Divinity Equinox Show – Luminarte Gallery, Dallas, Texas, United States.

April 2015: Kupuri Festival – Mexico.

September 2015: Symbiosis Festival – Oakland, United States.

September 2015: Plant Teachers Meeting - Los Angeles, United States.



January 2016: Rainbow Serpent Festival – Victoria, Australia

August 2016: Boom Festival - Portugal.

September 2016: Symbiosis Festival - San Francisco, United States.

October 2016: Chimeria – Sedan, France.

December 2016: Cosmic Convergence Festival – Guatemala.



August 2018: Boom Festival - Portugal.

August 2018: Ozora Festival - Hungary.

August 2018: Psy-Fy Festival – Netherland.

October, 6-21, 2018: Chimeria – Sedan, France.



January 2019: Rainbow Serpent Festival – Victoria, Australia.

February 2019: Harmonic Spaces - Byron Bay, Australia.

February 2019: Workshop Paradize One - Byron bay, Australia.

February 2019: Earth Frequency Festival - Australia.

June, 2019: World Ayahuasca Conference – Girona, Spain.

December, 2-8, 2019: Exhibition « Fêlures et Lumière — Cracks and Light », A chance for Happiness – Paris, France



2020: Visual Creation - Immersive Art for Meow Wolf – Las Vegas, Nevada.

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