In this Organic section, the mixture of textures is added to the organic forms that Nature inspires us. Plants, trees, leaves in shades of green, brown, ochre and sometimes blue, bring us to an infinite journey where several levels of interpretation come together... Read more


Are we really different from the nature that surrounds us? Or is nature a more subtle version of ourselves?

 "Without any doubts, the language of the plant world is one of the most fascinating but also one of the most subtle.

On a physical level, for an artist, plants offer us an infinity of colours, textures and shapes. When defining them with the brush, forms can intuitively emerge, and reveal this organic language, specific to plants.

Very often, these languages are hard to decrypt even for someone who has been in communication with their world for a long time, as it is not a language that can be understood with the mind. It is a matter of involving the heart in connection with our mind in order to be able to decode their powerful messages. "Luis Tamani.

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