My story begins in the Peruvian jungle in Pucallpa, in the Ucayali area. I was born in 1983, I am the eldest of 6 brothers and sisters and a descendant of an indigenous people from the Amazon.


My father comes from the Kukama-Kukamilla (or Cocama-Cocamilla) lineage, an indigenous people present in the Peruvian Amazon and a small part of the Colombian Amazon. The Kukamas call themselves “Inikana” which means “ourselves”.


My mother comes from another line: the Lamistas (or Llacuash, descendants of the Chankas).


I grew up on the banks of the Ucayali River. I lived a very simple childhood punctuated by my days at school, football games with my friends, trips to the market with my mother, fishing trips with my friends…

Sunset on Ucayali River

Yarinacocha Fishing Port

Growing up, I used to get up at dawn and follow my father to the river. He was a ‘dugout canoe’ builder, or ‘pirogue’, the kind we all used to sail in the area. I often assisted him. It was incredible to see how he would shape the wood so perfectly that just a bit of tar was enough to make it unsinkable! These boats were my first source of inspiration in my early artwork.


I was aware of this Nature around me, always amazed by its beauty, its strength and its perfection. I still have vivid memories of sunrises and sunsets in this ubiquitous jungle. But I think I really opened up thanks to the time I spent with my grandmother from Machangay. Among other things, she was the one who introduced me to medicinal plants.

In 2002, I attended the Eduardo Meza Saravia School of Art in my hometown, Pucallpa.


For 5 years, I received a very academic training where I learnt about cubism, realism, abstract and more. I quickly was fascinated by cubism and abstract art. I also was very influenced by Fernando de Szyszlo’s art.


At the end of my training, I was fully dedicated to abstract art, merging shapes and textures.

2009 – Abstract

2021 – Unidad

Today, my art has evolved from an abstract cubism to a more realistic and colorful style.


Through my visionary art combined to magical realism, I wish to pay tribute to Nature. This very Nature who made the man I am today, who is a constant source of inspiration and balance in my life.

Main Artistic Events

Before 2014

2002-2007: Art School Eduardo Meza Saravia. – Pucallpa, Peru

2010-2012: Exhibitions and meetings on traditionnal Medicine – Iquitos, Peru.

September 2013: Exhibition at the Visionnary Art Gallery – Paris, France.


August 2014: Boom Festival – Portugal.

September 2014: Festival for Peace – Victoriaville, Quebec, Canada.

September 2014: World Ayahuasca Conference – Ibiza, Spain.

October 2014: Chimeria – Sedan, France.


February 2015: Festival Tribal Gathering – Panama

February 2015: Ammon-Ra Gallery – Monterrey, Mexico (collective Dreams & Divinities)

March 2015: Dreams & Divinity Equinox Show – Luminarte Gallery, Dallas, Texas, United States.

April 2015: Kupuri Festival – Mexico.

September 2015: Symbiosis Festival – Oakland, United States.

September 2015: Plant Teachers Meeting – Los Angeles, United States.


January 2016: Rainbow Serpent Festival – Victoria, Australia

August 2016: Boom Festival – Portugal.

September 2016: Symbiosis Festival – San Francisco, United States.

October 2016: Chimeria – Sedan, France.

December 2016: Cosmic Convergence Festival – Guatemala.


August 2018: Boom Festival – Portugal.

August 2018: Ozora Festival – Hungary.

August 2018: Psy-Fy Festival – Netherland.

October, 6-21, 2018: Chimeria – Sedan, France.


January 2019: Rainbow Serpent Festival – Victoria, Australia.

February 2019: Harmonic Spaces – Byron Bay, Australia.

February 2019: Workshop Paradize One – Byron bay, Australia.

February 2019: Earth Frequency Festival – Australia.

June, 2019: World Ayahuasca Conference – Girona, Spain.

December, 2-8, 2019: Exhibition « Fêlures et Lumière — Cracks and Light », A chance for Happiness – Paris, France


February 2020: Visual Creation – Immersive Art for Meow Wolf – Las Vegas, Nevada.


February to April 2021 : “The Modern Nude: Contemporary Art of the Human Form”, Artemesia Galerie – Denver, Colorado

April to July 2021 : “Meeting the Goddess”, Artemesia Galerie – Denver, Colorado


August 2022 : Mo:Dem – Croatie

August 2022 : Hadra Festival – France

September 2022 : Eurotas Gathering – France