1983. Pucallpa, Peru; the time when my journey on Earth began.


I grew up by the Ucayali riverside in the Amazonian forest. The seasons used to set the tempo of my childhood.


I have always been amazed by the beauty of Nature, by its strength and its perfection. I never stop being thankful for all the experiences Life brought me.

Sunset on Ucayali River

Yarinacocha Fishing Port

In my young age, I used to get up at dawn and follow my father to the river. He was a ‘dugout canoe’ builder, or ‘pirogue’, the kind we all used to sail in the area.


It was incredible to see how he would shape the wood so perfectly that just a bit of tar was enough to make it unsinkable.


These boats were my first source of inspiration in my early artwork.

In 2002, I attended the Eduardo Meza Saravia School of Art in my hometown, Pucallpa.


For 5 years, I received a very academic training where I learnt about cubism, realism, abstract and more. I quickly was fascinated by cubism and abstract art. I also was very influenced by Fernando de Szyszlo’s art.


At the end of my training, I was fully dedicated to abstract art, merging shapes and textures.

2009 – Abstract

2021 – Unidad

Today, my art has evolved from an abstract cubism to a more realistic and colorful style.


Through my visionary art combined to magical realism, I wish to pay tribute to Nature. This very Nature who made the man I am today, who is a constant source of inspiration and balance in my life.

Main Artistic Events

Before 2014

2002-2007: Art School Eduardo Meza Saravia. – Pucallpa, Peru

2010-2012: Exhibitions and meetings on traditionnal Medicine – Iquitos, Peru.

September 2013: Exhibition at the Visionnary Art Gallery – Paris, France.


August 2014: Boom Festival – Portugal.

September 2014: Festival for Peace – Victoriaville, Quebec, Canada.

September 2014: World Ayahuasca Conference – Ibiza, Spain.

October 2014: Chimeria – Sedan, France.


February 2015: Festival Tribal Gathering – Panama

February 2015: Ammon-Ra Gallery – Monterrey, Mexico (collective Dreams & Divinities)

March 2015: Dreams & Divinity Equinox Show – Luminarte Gallery, Dallas, Texas, United States.

April 2015: Kupuri Festival – Mexico.

September 2015: Symbiosis Festival – Oakland, United States.

September 2015: Plant Teachers Meeting – Los Angeles, United States.


January 2016: Rainbow Serpent Festival – Victoria, Australia

August 2016: Boom Festival – Portugal.

September 2016: Symbiosis Festival – San Francisco, United States.

October 2016: Chimeria – Sedan, France.

December 2016: Cosmic Convergence Festival – Guatemala.


August 2018: Boom Festival – Portugal.

August 2018: Ozora Festival – Hungary.

August 2018: Psy-Fy Festival – Netherland.

October, 6-21, 2018: Chimeria – Sedan, France.


January 2019: Rainbow Serpent Festival – Victoria, Australia.

February 2019: Harmonic Spaces – Byron Bay, Australia.

February 2019: Workshop Paradize One – Byron bay, Australia.

February 2019: Earth Frequency Festival – Australia.

June, 2019: World Ayahuasca Conference – Girona, Spain.

December, 2-8, 2019: Exhibition « Fêlures et Lumière — Cracks and Light », A chance for Happiness – Paris, France


February 2020: Visual Creation – Immersive Art for Meow Wolf – Las Vegas, Nevada.


February to April 2021 : “The Modern Nude: Contemporary Art of the Human Form”, Artemesia Galerie – Denver, Colorado

April to July 2021 : “Meeting the Goddess”, Artemesia Galerie – Denver, Colorado