Ucayali river on sunset

1983. Pucallpa, Peru. My travel on Earth starts. I grow up, on the Ucayali river’s side, with the rhythm of the seasons and the experiences that Life brings me. I spend my childhood amazed by the beauty of Nature, by its strengh and perfection.

Yarinacocha fishing port

Since I was very young, I used to get up at dawn to accompany my father to the river. He was a boat builder, a dugout canoe builder. That’s what inspired me in my early work : boats. And what a performance to arrange the wood so perfectly that just little bit of tar is enough to make the pirogue unsinkable.

2009, Abstract

In 2002, I started the Eduardo Meza Saravia School of Art in my hometown, Pucallpa. For five years, I receive a very academic training. At the end of this cycle, I dedicate my plastic research to abstract art, merging forms and textures.

2020, Soy Luz – I am Light

Today, I intend to transmit a message of communion between the human being and the earth. Thanks to the four elements, stones, plants, trees or animals, Nature offers us an unlimited teaching. I have always been fascinated by the deep relationship that human being can develop with all these worlds. We all are part of the circle and Human is a unique Being, full of wonderful abilities.

Through my artwork, I hope to transmit my visions and perceptions by spreading Love and Gratitude for Life and for our Earth that makes this experience possible.

Main Artistic Events

Before 2014

2002-2007: Art School Eduardo Meza Saravia. – Pucallpa, Peru

2010-2012: Exhibitions and meetings on traditionnal Medicine – Iquitos, Peru.

September 2013: Exhibition at the Visionnary Art Gallery – Paris, France.


August 2014: Boom Festival – Portugal.

September 2014: Festival for Peace – Victoriaville, Quebec, Canada.

September 2014: World Ayahuasca Conference – Ibiza, Spain.

October 2014: Chimeria – Sedan, France.


February 2015: Festival Tribal Gathering – Panama

February 2015: Ammon-Ra Gallery – Monterrey, Mexico (collective Dreams & Divinities)

March 2015: Dreams & Divinity Equinox Show – Luminarte Gallery, Dallas, Texas, United States.

April 2015: Kupuri Festival – Mexico.

September 2015: Symbiosis Festival – Oakland, United States.

September 2015: Plant Teachers Meeting – Los Angeles, United States.


January 2016: Rainbow Serpent Festival – Victoria, Australia

August 2016: Boom Festival – Portugal.

September 2016: Symbiosis Festival – San Francisco, United States.

October 2016: Chimeria – Sedan, France.

December 2016: Cosmic Convergence Festival – Guatemala.


August 2018: Boom Festival – Portugal.

August 2018: Ozora Festival – Hungary.

August 2018: Psy-Fy Festival – Netherland.

October, 6-21, 2018: Chimeria – Sedan, France.


January 2019: Rainbow Serpent Festival – Victoria, Australia.

February 2019: Harmonic Spaces – Byron Bay, Australia.

February 2019: Workshop Paradize One – Byron bay, Australia.

February 2019: Earth Frequency Festival – Australia.

June, 2019: World Ayahuasca Conference – Girona, Spain.

December, 2-8, 2019: Exhibition « Fêlures et Lumière — Cracks and Light », A chance for Happiness – Paris, France


February 2020: Visual Creation – Immersive Art for Meow Wolf – Las Vegas, Nevada.


February to April 2021 : “The Modern Nude: Contemporary Art of the Human Form”, Artemesia Galerie – Denver, Colorado

April to July 2021 : “Meeting the Goddess”, Artemesia Galerie – Denver, Colorado