Enter the cosmic universe where Nature is Source of Permanent Teaching, through those inspiring artworks.


List of the 10 postal cards :


Flor de Tabacco II

With its light it formats our mind, with its wings, it refreshes our spirit, it brings us its perfume to mix us with itslef. This is how tabacco medicine embraces us. This is how he teaches us to be part of him.



Whenever we feel distressed we can look back and relive happy times in our minds. In the same way, that we can do this exercise, our DNA works. A lot of information is sleeping there that we can use to enhance our being. It is in our origin, in the beginning, where we have to go first to start again.


Mundo Icayari

There is a plane where the plant spirits can interact with us as teachers, transmitting their medicine to us through their language. This plane is known as the icayari world.


Luz Universal

We are all recipients and distributors (catalysts) of this Universal Light that exists in the center of the heart of each of our cells. The impact we can have on the world, on our world, is much greater than anything we’ve learned so far.
Let us reconnect in our essence. This part of us that has preserved its purity and is able to propagate the Light on our Earth.
Come back to who we are.


Luz Solar

Only by accepting our darkness we'll be able to shine as the sun.


La Medicina Vive en Mí

When the connection with sacred plants is real, it settles in every cell of your physical and spiritual body forever and Medicine lives in you


Cuando las Plantas Cantan

Beings from other planes are plants. When they sing, they bring melodies that are capable of cleaning your whole being and allowing you access to languages, never heard before.



Searching inside, we rekindle the fire, the fire of our being, being able to hear and see clearly, the message that the earth has for us.


Agua Viva

Water. The power of water is great. On our earth, where life is, water is too.Water is an offering from Earth to every form of life that composes it.Tears of joy can flow just like tears of pain. In any case, water cleans hardened hearts and moisturizes the thirsty ones. May we all become aware of this resource and honour it as an integral part of our being.


Alegría de Vivir

Each organism, each particle, each color point found in the micro and macro world thanks the creator. Thanks life.



Set of 10 postal cards

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