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Soy Luz 

Unfettered, without mental burdens, without worries, I free myself from my flesh. I connect to my child, to my essence, to my roots. And these roots unify me with the whole where there is no longer any restlessness, only peace and the manifestation of who I am: the Light of my own life.


Sabia Natura

Violent many times, but also tender and soft as the feathers of birds can be our nature. But above all, wisdom and order prevail in its kingdom. Wise is nature.



Whenever we feel distressed we can look back and relive happy times in our minds. In the same way, that we can do this exercise, our DNA works. A lot of information is sleeping there that we can use to enhance our being. It is in our origin, in the beginning, where we have to go first to start again.


Abundancia del Corazón 2

Many times we forget our greatness by looking outside for what is already naturally within us. If you feel it, you will realize this great love that lives asleep in your heart and you will begin to see the abundance of the heart.



Stripping our protective cuirasses, breaking the mold, allows us to regain our strength to take flight like eagles.

Set of 5 postal cards

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