Spreading Life

Love what we sow and spread what we love…

Today, we choose to take care of Life.

I was born and grew up on the banks of Ucayali, in Peruvian Amazonia. Nature bathed me in her Abundance during my childhood and today, I feel the call to take care of it. Futhermore, in this strange period when competition and progress have become more important than respect for the one that shelters us.


Rio Pachitea to reach Honoria

So, thanks your support and your contribution, we want to pay tribute to our beautiful planet by collaborating with a local community called Honoria, to reforest a village in the heart of Amazonia. Also, we wish to answer to the needs of this community by sowing medicinal plant and others edible plants.

Land of Honoria

Three type of plantation, will be done on the land of Honoria :

- plantations of mighty trees, including the most threatened : Cedro, Caoba, Oje, Lupuna…

Lupuna - R.jpg

Lupuna Tree from Iquitos - Perù 

Picture from www.reddit.com/r/backpacking

- seeds for herbal remedies (such as Turmeric, Ginger, Ajo Sacha, Uña de Gato…)



- plantation of fruit trees (Mango Tree, Aguaje Tree, Chimbillo Tree…)

Chimbillo - R.jpg

Picture of chimbillo

From http://conlasartenalhombro.blogspot.com/

To realize this project, we will dedicate 5% of the sales of print on canvas to this project.

We think that in delay from 3 to 6 months, we will be able to start planting on the land of Honoria.

Thanks for your support.